Home Pub Box


ABV 3.8% – 5.7%



Home Pub Box

We all want the pubs to open, but since we still don’t know when that happy day will come we’ve created this box to be enjoyed in the meantime.

It’s designed to be shared with your partner/ bubble pal/ housemates so that you can have a little bit of the pub experience at home, and can even be sent next day delivery to your favourite person around the country to perk up your weekend zoom call 🙂

The box has everything you need: 10 beers, 2 glasses, a sharing bag of crisps, a chocolate bar & beer mats. Just add your favourite tunes and you’re good to go!

2 x Odin Blonde 3.8%

2 x B-side Gold 4.2%

2 x Helles Lager 4.8%

2 x Topaz IPA 5.0%

2 x Juicy IPA 5.7%

2 x Pint Glasses

1 x 150g Brown Bag Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar OR Cheddar Cheese

1 x Original Beans Esmeraldas milk chocolate bar

Beer mats


ABV: 3.8% – 5.7%
MALT: Barley, Wheat
HOPS: Various
YEAST: House Ale Yeast, House Lager Yeast
VEGAN: YES Crisps are vegetarian, not vegan – please ask if you require vegan replacement for chocolate/ crisps

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1 x Variety Box