12 Piece Explorer’s Box


ABV 3.8% – 7.3%



12 Piece Explorer’s Box

This box is designed to give you the best overview of all our different ranges; Brightside Trad, Brightside Craft, our lagers and Wildside range.

It’s a great box to try if you’re new to us and you don’t yet know what you like, or if you fancy getting out of your comfort zone and trying different styles you might not usually pick!

Great for a gift, or to enjoy yourself, the box also contains a 150g bag of Brown Bag crisps (Salted OR Cheddar Cheese – both GF)

The box contains:

1 x Wildside Mango Session 4.2%

1 x Wildside Cherry Mild 3.8%

1 x Odin Blonde 3.8%

1 x Manchester Skyline Gold 4.6%

1 x Solstice Gold  4.2%

1 x Topaz IPA 5%

2 x Alpha IPA 5.2%

2 x Crank IPL 4.8%

1 x Juicy IPA 5.7%

1 x Double Down DIPA 7.3%

1 x 150g Brown Bag Salted OR Cheddar Cheese


ABV: 3.8% – 7.3%
MALT: Barley, Wheat, Rolled Oats
HOPS: Various
YEAST: House Ale Yeast, House Lager Yeast
VEGAN: NO (Mango Session contains lactose) Crisps are vegetarian not vegan

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1 x Variety Box