12 Piece Christmas Party Box


ABV 3.8% – 6%



The Christmas Party Box

With lagers, ales and craft beers inside, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the Christmas Party Box.¬†Packaged in a gorgeous festive gift box to send to your loved ones or to enjoy yourself, the selection also includes a bar of Original Beans Esmeraldas milk chocolate as an extra special treat.

We’ve got everyone covered from Uncle Joe who is missing the pub, to craft beer hop-head cousin Lesley, and the yet to be convinced Auntie Stella who you’re secretly trying to convert from tasteless commercial lagers…

The box contains:

2 x Odin Blonde 3.8%

2 x Brightside Craft Lager 4%

2 x Helles Lager 4.8%

2 x Secret Santa 5%

2 x DHIPA 5%

2 x 440ml West Coast Pale 6%

1 x Bar Original Beans Esmeraldas Milk Chocolate


ABV: 3.8% – 6%
MALT: Barley, Wheat, Oats
HOPS: Various
YEAST: House Ale Yeast, House Lager Yeast