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Tropical Fruit Blast Gold


Our fastest ever beer to sell out, we’ve brought

Tropical Fruit Blast back!!


Brewed to be light in ABV and max on flavour, this tropical pale is certain to be a smash in the beer garden when the sun finally comes out!

Get it chilled down, break out the Hawaiian shirt & sunnies and kick back because you’re going to want to enjoy this in the right way! We went light on the hops, but enough to give it a little kick at the end, then added organic Orange oil, plus organic natural flavours of mango, passion fruit and coconut to whisk you away to the tropics.



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ABV: 3.8%
MALT: Lager, Wheat Malt, Cara Light, Crystal Dextrin Malt
HOPS: Summit, Citra, Amarillo, Rakau
YEAST: House ale yeast
EXTRAS Organic Orange Oil, Organic natural flavours of Mango, Passionfruit, Coconut
GLUTEN FREE: Yes in all formats
VEGAN: Vegan in keg and can only